• Demo Production

  • A glitchy, noisy old demo tape is a thing of the past!Demos are meant to sound great, & make your song shine!A fully vocally produced demo track you won’t be embarrassed by!

    Skeed Music demo tracks are the building blocks to your song’s latter full production, meaning that the very same project can carry on into full production & polish. There are cases where artists in particular fall in love with their demos, & then go on to record them all over again & never quite capture the same energy, performance or sound. Plus, they pay for 2 recordings instead of just one.

    Experiment, revise, compose & complete, all in a one day session (hours & rates negotiable & depend on the depth of the production).

  • COST

  • ServiceCost
    Demo Production Per Hour (min 4 hours)$60
    8 Hour Special Rate $Call

    • Professional, 'demo' production of your song
    • Writing revision & advice where desired
    • Instrumental composition & tracking
    • Vocal production package including 'state of the art microphone selection'
    • Demo Mix (supplied in .mp3 & 24-bit .wav)
    • Original demo session files/stems on artist supplied media (hard drive etc) for future production continuity