• Song Production

  • A passionate, dynamic & musical approach to song production, combined with a modern & contemporary sheen is what makes Skeed Music stand out from the rest.

    Given the creative potential & diversity in music production, these are only ‘ballpark figures’, & negotiable to work within certain budgets.

    The cost of a recording primarily comes down to the projected hours spent in creating it & the depth & mass of it’s production.

    Contact Skeed Music today for a free consultation/estimation on your project.


    Project Estimated Time Estimated Cost
    Single 3-4 Days $1400
    5 Track EP 15-18 Days $6000
    8 Track Album 25-30 Days $8000
    10 Track Album30-35 Days$9700

    • Professional, complete digital production of your song
    • Writing revision & advice where desired
    • Full instrumental composition & tracking across all genres & techniques
    • Complete vocal production package including 'state of the art microphone selection'
    • Fully mixed pre-master 24-bit .wav file
    • One in depth mix revision
    • Original session files/stems on artist supplied media (hard drive etc)

    Additional writing & pre-production, backingtrack creation, great rates on large professional studio space, acoustic drum tracking, additional session musicians where requested or advised by the producer, mastering.


    Fixed rate across all elements of production is available for $60 per hour. Please contact us for more information.


    Skeed music has access to a stable of the best session players in the country across many genres!

    A network of professional, seasoned or edgy, studio experienced musicians across all skill sets & instruments, at great rates! Inquire today.